Keeps the aircraft beautiful with minimal maintenance requirements. Improves laminar flow and reduces drag, thus giving increased fuel efficiency. Protects from soot and hydrocarbon build ups, UV ray aging, moisture erosion and pollutant damage and many types of element related corrosion. Protects all paint-works. It is extremely durable and bonds at a nano-level to the paintwork. Greatly reduces expenses on cleaning and repainting. Helps minimize corrosive effects from bird droppings, acid rain, exhaust fumes, deicing, friction and heat.


Wash and completely all surfaces to be treated.

If necessary use tar remover and rinse off.

Use a claybar with lubricant to clean all surfaces to be treated. If paint correction is required do so before application.

Polish the paint.

Clean the paint using a 50% Isopropanyl Alcohol (50% IPA + 50% destilled water) or approved pre cleaner in a trigger sprayer. Mist the paint then wipe down with a microfiber tower to remove all wax, silicone, and clay lubricant residues.

Spray with HVLP gun 1 mm tip on surfaces. No buffing required. (It is possible to apply with sponge by hand, then buffing is required, after 30-90 seconds, depending on temperature and conditions, use a microfiber towel for buffing. We do not recommend using this technique.)

Technical data

Effectiveness – 1 year in most marine applications

Pencil hardness – 9H

Application – Spray on with HVLP gun with 1 mm tip

Shelf time – 1 year from delivery, unopened stored at 18° C

Apearance – Clear

Film thickness – 0,75 – 1 µm

Chemical resistance – Excellent,  5% Na2CO3 for 24 hours: No visible damage, 5% H2SO4 for 24 hours: No visible damage, and 5% NaCL for 96 hours: No visible damage.

Temperature resistance> 760° C

Salt Spray – ASTM B117 > 350 hours to first sign of corrosion

Adhession cross-cut tape – ASTM D3359 5b (no coating loss)

Mandrel bend – ASTM D522 0 mm coating loss at 180° rotation

Impact – ASTM D2794 80/80 inch/lb

Coverage – 18.5 m2/100 ml

Dry time – 20 minutes

Cure time – Initial cure in 4 hours, full cure in 3 days