Nordic Nano Ceramic

Nano Ceramic Coating Advantage

No scratches, No stone chips

Easy ice removal and cleaning

10+ years warranty for cars

Why Choose Us

Our products are on the forefront on the nano level. They deliver, they last longer, they protect better, and they make your maintenance easier. Not only will your things look better, they will keep their out of factory look, they will also save you money and give you a much higher second hand value. Stone chip will be less of a problem both for car body, and the windshield if treated with our respective nano products. They can improve efficiency, for instance solar panels treated with our self cleaning nano glass ceramics increase their efficiency buy as much as 11 %. Less chemicals will be needed to be used, less repairs, and in the case of our glass nano coating applied to cars, your driving will be much safer in all conditions, but especially in the roughest conditions. Our products are ready to be compared with anything, we are ready for any challenge at any time.
Our products are environmentally friendly. We care about nature and human lives. We can easily recommend our products to be used at hospitals, hotels, public facilities, homes, cars, public transportation, airplanes, boats with no risk what so ever if applied correctly.

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