See clearly all time, even in heavy rain. This product can be a life saver, to see well is the most important thing to prevent accidents. It makes winter time de-icing very easy, there will hardly be any ice that can attach. It should last up to 2 years, which is unique, proving the quality of our products. Ideal to use on motorcycles windshields, and motorcycles helmets. We all have driven in the dark under heavy rain, where we have hard to see, with this product that is history, you will have good sight always. It also protects against stone chips.


1) If scratched or pitted, polish with cerium oxide slurry.

2) Wash glass to be treated.

3) Clean with Isopropanol Alcohol.

4) Squeeze the lower pocket until it pops into the larger pocket

5) Mix by squeezing one pocket then the other for 2 minutes

6) Squeeze the big pocket until it pops into the dispensing pocket

7) Dispense onto sponge or towel

8) Wipe on to window, then buff off with a clean towel. Do not let dry more then 10 seconds

9) Repeat for other glass surfaces

10) Once mixed the product should be used within 18 hours, after which it will spoil

Technical data

Effectiveness – 2 years depending on environmental conditions

Durability – Very good

Pack size – 60 ml

Dry time – 20 minutes

Appearance – Invisible

Shelf time – 1–2 years if stored dry at 18 C