Protects all interior surfaces. It is odorless, water based, and safe to apply. It allows the material to breathe thus can be applied also to breathable garments. The material treated will not stiffen, and there will be no color change inflicted. Dirt and liquids will not be able to open structure materials preventing them to be permanently stain the materials. Preferably used for upholstery, leather, vinyl, suede, furniture and textiles.


  1. Clean all surfaces if not new. Preferably with Nordic Nano Ceramic Bio Cleaner and Nordic Nano Ceramic Bio Deodorant.
  2. Spray in a criss-cross pattern for carpets and textiles. For vinyls and leather, spray onto a microfiber towel and wipe surface until no residue remains

Caution do not apply in direct sunlight or on warm surfaces. Dry time is 30 min. Cure time is 24 hours.

Technical data

Effectiveness – 2-5 years depending on environmental conditions

Pack size – 950 ml, 4 L

Shelf time – 1 – 2 year from delivery, unopened stored at 18° C

Apearance – Clear

Finish – Invisible

Chemical resistance – Good.

Coverage – 40 – 80 ml per sqm

Dry time – 30 minutes

Cure time – 24 hours