Vehicle 9H+

Almost as hard as diamond. The premium on the market. The most advanced and perfected formula. It will protect your vehicle from scratches, salt, and have that out of factory look. It will last up to a life time of the car. Extremely hydrophobic and with shine that will be eye catching. Advanced chemical resistance. Resistant to oxidation, corrosion and UV. It is self cleaning and easily sheds dirt, rain and snow. Makes washing every car lovers’ dream.


  1. If needed do paint corrections before applying Vehicle 9H+.
  2. Wash and dry all surfaces to be treated
  3. Clay bar to remove contamination, not removed by normal wash.
  4. Remove all waxes, oils, sealants. Use for instance a 50% Isoprorpanol Alcohol 50% destilled/battery water mix.
  5. Apply either by spray gun, or by hand.
  6. Buff after 3-5 minutes depending on conditions. If spray gun is used no buffing is needed.

Caution do not apply in direct sunlight or on warm surfaces. 95% cured after 4 hours, will continue curing for 3-4 days.

Technical data

Effectiveness – Life time on new cars depending on conditions.

Pencil hardness – 9H

Pack size – 65, 250 ml

Shelf time – 1 year from delivery, unopened stored at 18° C

Apearance – Clear, high gloss

Film thickness – 0,8 – 1 µm

Chemical resistance – Excellent,  5% Na2CO3 for 24 hours: No visible damage, 5% H2SO4 for 24 hours: No visible damage, and 5% NaCL for 96 hours: No visible damage.

Temperature resistance> 760° C

Salt Spray – ASTM B117 > 350 hours to first sign of corrosion

Adhession cross-cut tape – ASTM D3359 5b (no coating loss)

Mandrel bend – ASTM D522 0 mm coating loss at 180° rotation

Impact – ASTM D2794 80/80 inch/lb

Coverage – 18.5 m2/100 ml

Dry time – 20 minutes

Cure time – Initial cure in 4 hours, full cure in 3-4 days